Monday, April 8, 2013

Going to get better

Well let me start by saying I have gotten soooooo bad at updating this blog well I do have a few reason namely five but those same five reason are the reason I should blog more! So here we go again.

Let us recap this last year in one word.......TWINS!

We started last year off with me upset about every 28 days and then one day in March 2012 things got a lot better. We found out we were going to have baby number 4. My favorite is my journal entry that says... Baby number 4 and our last baby is on its way so excited ! Hahahaha. Life is funny sometimes. Because my excitement lasted for 6 weeks then the sickness started and man did it start. Weeks and weeks I did nothing but lay in bed. There were 23 days in a row that I never left my bedroom not even once! It was bad. My friends would come by and sit in my very dark very cold bedroom and hang out on my very high bed. it was so much fun for all. Ok I do have some good memories of Chad and DawnEtta hanging out in my bedroom, and Alysia swearing the peppermint oil would fix the sickness. Can't do peppermint smell anymore lol and telling Donna to leave lots of times because she can't hear the sick sounds. good memories with good friends. Also all the wonder people that filled in for me a took my kids. I can't name all the people that helped us during this time. All I can say is you know who you are and we can't say thank you enough.

Well at about 12 weeks I was finally able to get out of bed and try to go to the doctors. There we lots of medications involved in the undertaking of this trip. Anyway we headed out went to our ultrasound first to check how far along I was with this little one. This is the point things went all wrong. Did one ultrasound saw the little guy. Ultrasound tech wanted a better look at the baby so she did another kind and ..... Jade wanted to know why there were two babies. After this there was a lot of laughing and some moments of I can't believe this is happening. In one moment our soon to be family of six turned into a family of seven. We were told they should be identical twin and the same sex. You know jade said more then once " I'm going to have 5 girls" .

At 20 weeks we found out that the babies would both be boys. Jade was out of town and did not believe me at first. Donna helped put on a gender revile party for the girls. We had two big boxes one for baby A and one for baby B both were full of green balloons.

Baby A and Baby B

Addison was very unhappy all she wanted was one baby sister. That gets us to twenty weeks.More to come.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our Christmas Card 2011

It has been a crazy year 2011.....
We had two additions to our family.... Jon and Dee.
My little brother and sister moved to Texas to live with us. The girls have loved it.

We moved to a new house.
Something a little bigger to fit our family of 7!

Lost Jade's Dad John Savoy to Cancer. He will truly be missed.

Went to the beach a lot.

Got pregnant ended up miss carrying but we are trying again.
So that is something to look forward to in the new year.

Addie started preschool
Hanna started 1st grade
Macy started 3rd Grade

We made lots of really great friends that we could never imagine not knowing.....

So in the end it was a hard 2011 but as Jade says " One great thing that did happen this year is we saw our girls turn 9, 7 & 5. So that is a great year."

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Rag Rolled Hair

Macy and Addison

Do they look a little alike?

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Fun but did not make the Christmas Card Photo Cut!

They are getting so big.

It was cold out as the sun was setting. Cold as in 60 out in December! Silly kids are becoming Texans.

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Love this photo of the girls!
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